Arri SkyPanel (Firmware 4)

An amazing new upgrade on a traditionally excellent fixture. The new firmware 4 on the skypanel puts many new tools into the hands of the lighting professional.

x, y coordinates to match color meter with x,y reading capability. This is a most impressive feature that changes the way gaffers can keep consistency from day to day and set to set.

Added new lighting effects to the cadre: Paparazzi, firelight, candle, clouds passing, lightning (old fashioned flash bulb or modern strobes), welding, police cars, explosion, fireworks, fluorescent flicker (great for eerie hallways), light strobe, pulsing, chasing, process (effect of light movement).

All are fully customizable and addressable from any device that can do WiFi. The device will take over the fixture through an IP address.

Accessories include snap on grids, chimeras, and honeycombs.

We photographed the S60-C and S360-C (which uses SkyLink and Lumen Radio with receiver built in).

Great job Arri!

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