Kfx Comet Remote Head

An update to the quality Aurora Head from Kfx technology, the Comet remote head is lighter, versatile, more adjustable and more affordable.

You have to get a feel for the action and reactivity of this quality remote head. One touch on the controller and the head reacts smoothly and instantly. It literally feels like you have your hands directly on it.

It also comes with limit stops, which are indispensable on the set, especially with repetitive moves or multiple takes.

Some unique features are the slip ring, allowing the operator to pass cables through the center of the rig without torquing or damaging anything.

Remote heads sure have advanced greatly since I started using them in 1995. They used to be clunky and unyielding. Not any more! This remote head would be a joy to use on the set.

Steve Scammell, the founder and CEO (in photo explaining the operation) runs his company out of Brooklyn, NY, and is very friendly and knowledgeable. You can instantly tell he has a passion for his products.

Great work Kfx!


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