Lee Zircon LED Filters

One visit to the Lee filter booth and you’re sold on the importance of using filters on your LED device. Why? Well, I asked Ralph Young, sales director, that same question. Why do you need filters on LED Devices when they all seem to have adjustable color temperature, +/- green and intensity?

His answer: Consistency. Ralph mentioned that there is no standard across manufacturers. So where one lighting manufacturer puts their 5500K is not necessarily the same as another, when you put a color meter to it.

Why is that a big deal? It’s probably not as much of an issue until you mix manufacturers on the same set, and realize that they’re not the same color temperature. As well, moving from one environment to another, and achieving consistency or a certain look.

What is Lee Filters answer? The Zircon Line of LED Filters.

More robust, thicker heavyweight substrate (stands up straight like a sheet of plastic rather than curling like film), fade resistant (doesn’t get the faded LED spots like film), and specifically designed to remove the green cast of some LED devices.

I’m sold, and I would imagine having a set of these would make my set function smoother than without.

An eye opening visit! Thank you Lee Filters.


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