Mole-Richardson Vari-Senior LED

Ask and you shall receive! For Mole fans out there, this is a huge blessing. A Mole Senior that draws only 900W but outputs the equivalent lumens of the traditional 5K tungsten fresnel fixture.

Mole has added a few more perks: fully adjustable color temperature from 2700K to 6500K; a touchscreen panel on the back (see photo) that allows quick adjustments; a Bluetooth connection app that allows the lighting professional to control the fixture from a smart phone;

The fresnel lens is still there. You can position it outside and spot through tree branches and create a great effect on an indoor shot.

The real focusing carriage is also still there! You can still use the traditional crank to spot or flood the fixture. It’s still smooth and slow, so you can use it to create light gags!

There are also two slots to allow the lighting professional to update the firmware on the unit as well. (See photo)

Mole-Richardson rep Phil Nadeau demonstrated all the functionality and hooked it up wirelessly to his cell phone. What a treat!

Nice work Mole-Richardson!


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