Red Digital Cinema DSMC2

A truly dynamic and robust camera body that creates a new standard! Red Digital Camera has always been an innovator, and now they are consolidating some of the naming of the camera bodies into easier categories.

So, there’s the DSMC2 robust body that can be adapted with either a MONSTRO 8K VV, HELIUM 8K S35 or GEMINI 5K S35 sensor.

The RED website makes it easy to navigate building your own camera, adding lens mount options, accessories and Mini-Mags.

We were privy to checkout the 5K sensor in the DSMC2 body, filling a dark alley behind an investigative reporter’s office. Our guide, REDs rep took us through all the different settings for Low Light (LL) mode and Standard mode.

He explained the different modes and noted how well the sensor was responding to a change in ISO, as well how it calibrates itself into the LL mode.

Also, he explained how a camera operator can now make a creative choice as to whether the red channel, for instance is clipping in the neon (note the pictures) or opt for more detail in the shadows. Amazing stuff, and it offers great flexibility for the shooter.

Either way, the sensor responded amazingly, capturing intricate details with no perceptible noise.

Great job RED!


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