Ronford-Baker Atlas 7 (2,3-Axis Head)

A dynamic and extremely useful 2 or 3 axis head from Ronford-Baker allows the camera operator to squeeze even a large camera package into a very tight space like a car interior. It’s quite robust and very well manufactured.

Each connecting piece interlocks to the next like incredibly high tech space legos. They are all machined from aircraft aluminum from single blocks, hence the price but also the toughness. They will not flex under heavy camera loads.

I asked Chris Hobbs, the rep for Camadeus, the distributor for Ronford-Baker, what would be the purpose of this unit, the Atlas 7. His first response was price point. It’s about a 1/3 the price of their motorized version, and about 1/12 the price of a SpaceCam. The other purpose is size and compactness. I would add one more: direct operator interaction. Though remote heads are wonderful, it’s nice to get a feel for the head sometimes, and react to actors or events in real time, present in the scene.

The head is situated on a bazooka base, also interlocking and adjustable to any height.

This would be a great addition to any support package. Ronford-Baker manufactured a quality piece of gear.


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